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Cardi B took out time out of her first visit to Africa to donate supplies to the Motherless Babies Home orphanage in Lekki, Lagos. This was done before her performance on Saturday as she dropped off food water and diapers were among the items Cardi dropped off as donations. The Grammy Award-winning rapper shouted out the workers at the orphanage in an Instagram post.


“Gotta thank the ladies and the gentlemen that nurtured these kids that need just a little bit of more love and protection and gear them up for a better place, destiny and future,” Cardi wrote. “People like YALL MATTER!”



Music executive Brooklyn Johnny also shared his thoughts on the experience via Instagram. He pointed out the crew filled their fleet with as many items as possible to deliver to the children. “We spent our only free time in Nigeria shopping for children in need,” he wrote on Instagram. “We literally bought as much as the vehicles we had in our convoy could carry … Today was a good day.”


On Saturday night, Cardi performed at the Livespot X Festival in Lagos before making a quick trip to Ghana.

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