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Yo Gotti has voiced out over the controversy between Ma$e and Diddy. Last month, Ma$e called out Diddy for “starving” his artists and allegedly making it difficult for the “Harlem World” rapper to buy back his catalogue, despite a $2 million offer.


Yo Gotti had a different view of about the entire situation. “Business is business in general,” he asserted. “You knew what you was signing … and I’m pretty sure you made a lot of money along the way and you became who you became. So, I don’t think you could complain about somebody else believing in you and investing they money and more so more than they money, they time in you."


“What if they wouldn’t invest that initial money and time in you, would you even be here? That’s one way to look at it. Because I’m an artist and executive, I also think an artist should be in the most fair position as possible.”


Gotti continued, “So, I don’t think none of us know the true business. I think he [Ma$e] put a number on what he tried to buy it for, is that what it worth? I don’t know. If you try to sell something that cost $50 million for $1 million is you not real for not taking the $1 [million]?”


“Maybe you my homeboy and I ain’t gon’ charge you $50 [million] I’mma charge you $20 or $25 [million],” the Memphis bred rapper said. “So we don’t know what the true business is to be speaking on it.”


Charlamagne Tha God then read a text message without revealing who sent it, which alleged Ma$e reconstructed his contract twice and collected two album advances without ever putting out an album. “It’s two sides to every story,” Gotti replied. “You don’t know the specifics.”

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