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Nick Jonas was on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw talking about his new single ‘Close” which features Tove Lo. He said says his break-up with Olivia Culpo last year is a "major theme" on his new album, Last Year Was Complicated. Nick said that after dating her for 2 years, the split was challenging for him. However, he said he refrained from revealing too much about it in his music.


Talking about the album title, he said "The title basically stems from a conversation I had with Jay Z. I went and played him the music and he heard the record, and I had a different title picked out. The title was originally the same as a track from the album called Unhinged. "He said, 'Listen I love the music, I think it's great and it's a good direction. But I don't think the title's quite right, so let's just maybe throw some other things around'. So then he said, 'Tell me about the last year of your life', and I said 'Last year was difficult' - and he said 'That's it' - he's such a mogul. You see very quickly why he is where he is, and why he is who he is."


He went on "The thing I love about the title and the whole concept of the album in general, is that there really is this thing where any time we can all relate to some of the same issues and things that we go through we're so much more connected. The whole record is really diving into some personal experiences and really just going deep into it. I had a break-up last year that was challenging and then kind of became a big theme in the album. Then it was about being honest in the storytelling and not being afraid to go there. It was complicated but it was also great in a lot of ways. It was just an interesting year."


"I do draw a line when I go into the studio because I feel like in everything I do, I have such respect for the people that influence my writing - the real life experiences - that even if I have to tell a story within the music that's challenging or that's really personal, you have to do it with respect. Sometimes that is challenging to navigate; not giving too much of their life away. But also I feel that the minute you step into something with a musician you have to be ready and accepting of the fact that that could happen. We're shooting a video for every song, but a lot of the ideas stem from the real life experiences so re-living those is tough, knowing that those will be out there forever. But it's also therapeutic in a way."

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