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Brazilian footballers have good skills when they play but there wasn't much on show in the Bahia state championship match between Vitoria and Bahia.


After a tough first half featuring six bookings and Denilson's goal for the hosts, the game took a different turn. Bahia had a penalty in the 50th minute into the game and confusion ensued when Vinicius celebrated scoring it by dancing in front of the home supporters. Both sets of players piled in, punches were thrown and after a delay of 16 minutes to restore order, the referee sent off eight players. Three red cards were shown to Vitoria players, and five to Bahia players, with Vinicius and three substitutes among those dismissed.


The match continued but when Vitoria had two further players dismissed 11 minutes from time, it was abandoned with Bahia likely to be awarded a 3-0 victory.

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