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‘I believe the Children are our future.’ This is one song that a lot of youths today probably listened to as kids. Growing up in Nigeria means at some point some may have had to wear the all too familiar white shirt and black bottoms, gesticulating with gloved hands words of a song that really didn’t mean more than what the teacher explained it to mean.


Choreographing this song may have been a waste since a sickening portion of the choreographers have been found to be at a point where leadership seems like an unreality. How can these children be leaders when they have been failed by the very system that should have put them on the pedestal to lead?



But how long do we keep crying over spilled milk? So yes, the system has failed the youths of this Nation. It is true that there needs to be a complete upheaval. We need to slash and hack all that isn’t working. With all of these obvious facts looking us in the eye, is it advisable for our youths to be sitting ducks?



Albert Einstein once said: ‘The world as we have created it, is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.’ Now tell me, who says you need the government to think straight? Who says you need National leaders before you can revolutionize your thoughts? Well the answer is a resounding No!



The fact is we have spent years stuck at the same rail track, with the same train of thoughts and it is high time we make a move. On and away from this dogmatic stage to a point where we can indeed make a visible change. Many years ago, we were made to believe we were the future. Many years ago we learnt all we could learn through thick times and discipline and nights of studying and so it is only fair that we at least put all of that to practice.



As youths of this country, we have definitely been given the worse part of the bargain. We have been at the receiving end while we watch treacherous acts of selfishness and shallowness take charge. I guess standing up now wouldn’t be a bad thing would it?



Some would read this and say…’Oh please nothing new under the sun.’ Well, this piece is not for those mediocre thinkers who never were a part of the choreography. Instead, I write for those who know that there is nothing new under the sun but yet, believe they can creatively rehash an existing system to make it work. I write for those who know that even though the box is empty, they would still find something great while looking outside the box.



For the forward thinking youth, the dream makers and shakers, the ones who have decided to rise above the stench of political brouhaha and the against the mediocrity of the norm, those who believe that being an employee isn’t a curse but a blessing just as entrepreneurship is preached to be and of course those who also believe that in their illiteracy they can make literate steps and in their poverty they can birth wealthy ideas…well this is for you…a clarion call that says



Though the box may be full, there is so much more just outside of it.’…I still believe the children of yesterday are indeed the leaders of today on whose shoulder lies tomorrow, the future...do you?

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