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Bossie Badazz has apologized to the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity after posting a picture of him wearing the frat's sweater despite not being a member.  He revealed this in an interview with TMZ where he also demanded an apology of his own due to the backlash he received.


“I apologize to ’em, but I need some [apologies] too because they talking ’bout they shed blood for this,” he said. “They got people in my DMs talking like they built like me. Like they talking gangsta. I’m like bruh, it ain’t that serious. I don’t wanna do nothing witchu. My bad, dawg.


According to the outspoken rapper, he was unaware of the depth of Greek life as he received attacks from 65-year-old members. Boosie intends to appease them with a $6000 prize for the best Kappas stroll to a "Wipe Me Down" contest. He also plans to do a Kappa's shimmy at his upcoming Boosie Bash event.

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