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Blackberry is set to launch two mid-range Android phones this year, one will have a physical keyboard and the other a full touch-screen. Blackberry has stated they have  no plans to develop handsets for its own operating system anytime soon, however, it will continue to issue updates. The sales of the company fell by almost $200m in the three months to the end of February. Chief executive of the brand, John Chen, said its first Android device, the Priv, had been too expensive. "The fact that we came out with a high-end phone was probably not as wise as it should have been," he told United Arab Emirates news website the National. "A lot of enterprise customers have said to us, 'I want to buy your phone, but $700 [£491] is a little too steep for me. I'm more interested in a $400 device.'"


Last month, Facebook and its Whatsapp messaging service announced that there were to stop supporting their Blackberry apps. Blackberry said it was "extremely disappointed" by the decision.
"If Blackberry is determined to remain in the hardware business, the decision to offer new devices with mid-range pricing is a sensible move," said analyst Ben Wood from CCS Insight. “We believe there is an opportunity with business users who don't want the expense of giving iPhones to their employees and want a robust, affordable and secure Android smartphone tailored to business use."

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