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Embattled comedian and actor Bill Cosby has said he will not testify at his trial next month in Pennsylvania, where he stands accused of sexual assault.

Former Temple University employee Andrea Constand alleges the 79-year-old entertainer drugged and molested her.



Cosby suggested to Sirius-XM radio that racism could have played a role in his treatment over the claims, in his first extended public comment in two years.

At least 50 women have come forward to accuse him of sexual assault.

But Cosby will only face charges in Ms Constand's case due to statutes of limitations.

He has maintained all of his sexual encounters with women were consensual.



The comedian told Sirius-XM radio host Michael Smerconish on Tuesday he would not testify at the trial near his home, in Philadelphia, adding lawyers could twist his words on the stand.

"When you have to deal with examination, cross-examination, et cetera, et cetera, more than two sides to every story - sometimes it's four or five," he said.

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