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The German midfielder whose contract with Manchester United will be coming to an end soon is said to be making negotiations concerning his next club as it doesn’t seem to be likely hell be getting his spot back at the English club. The 32-year-old is said to be on the lookout for MLS clubs as he met Chicago Fire coach, Velijko Paunovis over the weekend.


Schweinsteiger as suspended from training with or playing for the first team since March by Louis Van Gaal’s successor Mourinho has finally been let back into the fold but with a bleak chance of his contract being renewed come next year.


The former Bayern Munich star joined Manchester United after signing a £14.4m deal in July 2015 and has been said to be looking to move to a United States team next season most likely to get closer to his wife, Ana Ivanovic as he always has to fly to watch her matches, one of the secondary reasons for his suspension. The MLS transfer window opens February next year

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