fbpx APC Criticizes PDP Over Efforts To Re-Open Tinubu’s CCT Trial | The Beat 99.9 FM

The Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has criticised the call by Lagos People’s Democratic Party, PDP, for the Code of Conduct Tribunal to re-open the case against the National leader of APC and former Lagos Governor, Bola Tinubu as an attempt to tarnish his image.


Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the APC, Joe Igbokwe, in a statement, yesterday, said APC viewed the call “as silly rants of frustrated losers desperately splashing mud to tar others when they are facing weighty corruption cases.”


According to the APC, the trial which happened during former President Goodluck Jonathan’s led government and was prompted by PDP, “Lagos PDP and indeed the entire PDP are suffering acute Tinubu-phobia borne out of the fact that Asiwaju Tinubu constitutes the greatest nightmare for PDP rank and file given his prosecution of the defeat of the PDP last year.”

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