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In response to an extensive rant on racial discrimination via Instagram on Saturday by the Baton Rouge-bred rapper, Bossie Badazz‘s, American Airline says it conducted an investigation and reviewed airport footage after Boosie claimed he was wrongly denied entry to a flight.


According to American Airlines, Boosie wasn’t allowed to board because he didn’t get to his flight’s gate until the plane’s door was already closed. “Mr. Hatch’s inbound flight from Jackson, Mississippi, to Charlotte, North Carolina, this past Saturday was delayed, and he arrived at the gate for his connecting flight to Grand Rapids, Michigan, after the airplane door had been closed,” the statement reads.


“Misconnections are frustrating but reiterated that [Mr. Hatch] was not denied boarding for any other reason than he arrived after the door had already closed. We immediate rebooked Mr. Hatch and his family for a later flight, which is our standard procedure for missed connections. “ Boosie hasn’t publicly responded to American Airlines’ explanation of what happened as of Wednesday afternoon.

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