European fans of 6ix9ine music will be able to catch him live this summer, as he’s just announced his “World Domination Tour” across Europe, starting Friday, June 15th. The rainbow-haired rapper will be hitting up all sorts of exotic locations on this tour, from Slovakia, to Spain, to the Ukraine. Since the tour is starting so soon,  his advised fans to buy their tickets soon.


One place 6ix9ine isn’t going, however, is Chicago. This is somewhat expected, not just because it’s an European tour and Chicago is located in the United States, but also because of his ongoing beef with seemingly every single rap artist from the city. One person who was very disappointed not to see a Chicago date was Lil Reese, who expressed his feelings in the comments of the announcement.


It’s worth remembering that Reese was one of the initial rappers that 6ix9ine decided to call out when he started his ongoing feud with Chicago, saying that they’re not real and don’t live the things they rap about. Based on Reese’s comment, it seems as though he’s more than willing to act out his threats, but he’ll have to wait until 6ix9ine gets back from his Europe tour. 

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