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50 Cent has fulfilled his Sire Jackson's Christmas wish by giving his son the whole Toy 'R' Us store in New Jersey. The Power CEO shared this to his fans via Instagram by posting a video of him renting out a Toys ‘R’ Us for his son. “SIRE’s TOYS R US, we lit happy holidays,” 50 wrote in the post’s caption.


50 Cent's $100,000 gift was really appreciated by his son. Sire Jackson expressed his gratitude to his father through his Instagram page describing the event as "best Christmas ever".  “When I asked my Dad for the ‘WHOLE Toys R Us Store’ for Christmas I didn’t think he would actually do it, but he did,” Sire wrote. “Thank you Daddy! Best Christmas Ever!” In the caption of a video, he added, “Did this just happen? #ToysRUs #BestChristmas.”

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