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The 50 Cent and Marquise Jackson’s tense relationship is in the spotlight yet again as 50 cent publicly disowns his son. However, Marquise house found a way to make light of the situation.



This was following the video of Fiddy’s eldest son attending the Master Of Ceremony show which held on Friday. Marquise posted an Instagram video of himself singing and dancing at his father’s concert.



When a fan noticed he wasn’t granted VIP passes, he made a comment to 50 via Instagram, asking why he wasn’t given special access to the show. “I got a blood test,” 50 replied. that’s not my kid. da fuck outta here.”



Upon seeing 50’s comments, Jackson posted a GIF of Maury Povich — who famously does paternity tests on his talk show — frowning and nodding his head. In the center, he placed a laughing emoji.

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