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50 Cent is getting pound of flesh over the recent arrest incident happening to Teairra Mari. New York personality was arrested in the Big Apple for a DWI and driving on a suspended license over the weekend. According to TMZ, officers pulled Mari over early Saturday morning (June 22) after she was spotted coming out of the Midtown Tunnel into Queens in a red Dodge Charger with sparks coming off of it.


Officers noticed the front right wheel was gone and the bumper was making contact with the ground, creating the sparks. Once Mari came to a full stop, police performed field sobriety tests. They ultimately determined she was intoxicated and arrested her.


On Sunday, he took to his favorite social media platform, Instagram, and clowned Mari for her troubles. “Jesus take the wheel,” he wrote in the caption. “A bitch drunk. I still want my money Monday. (Dirt Bag!)” Fiddy is having a little fun at her expense as she sits in jail.

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